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REQUIEM is a true autobiography of a young man who grows up with a paranoid schizophrenic mother who believes the devil desires her children's souls. Immediately opening up with an exorcism, you witness the dark world of a sixteen year old boy as he struggles to deal with horrifying acts of physical and sexual abuse, familial violence, self-destructive choices, murder attempts, and rape well into his young adulthood. Against all odds, the protagonist perseveres and chooses to reveal all his family's darkest secrets, as well as his own.

A searingly honest look at his life. The title is not metaphorical - the memoir deals with his own sexual history, his mother's mental illness, and the self-destruction that Fredy Espinoza faced down and that from which his brother didn't escape...singular Bay Area talent. 

Kraven Entertainment Magazine


I absolutely devoured this book. I applaud Fredy for the courage he showed by bringing this story

to light and giving us a peek into his world. Written with lusciously detailed and strikingly honest expression, it is definitely a book in its own class. A must read!

Sherri Starr, author of Mia and Jake


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